Sami Yusuf — a Legend in the Making

Sami Yusuf is an Islamic Nasheed artist that has broken stereotypes. Learn how he inspires Muslims to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams.

Sidra Ansari
5 min readJun 29, 2020


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Over fifteen years ago I saw Sami Yusuf in a very small university hall in London. There were many nasheed artists performing that day but Sami was my favourite then too. He surprised me with his humbleness and modest way.

15 years later, with over 34 million albums sold he is an internationally renowned singer. And he hasn’t changed much. His lyrics and character reflect the beauty of Muhammad, the Last Messenger ﷺ. Here is a stunning rendition of a nasheed all about the beloved messenger:

To this day his concern is to spread peace and unity throughout humanity.

Even now, his profound lyrics and uplifting melodies help me through life’s difficulties and trials. His journey inspires me to go ahead and strive to achieve something of beauty in this world. This article is a tribute to that.

In the Islamic community, Sami Yusuf is a household name. He is a singer, a musician and, given the number of charities he supports, a true philanthropist. He’s wowed the world many times over with his clear resonant voice and unique lyrics. He is a famous Islamic Nasheed Artist which basically means faith singer.

I still remember the first time I ever heard Sami’s lyrics. I was perusing the bookshelf of an Islamic bookstore. No doubt collecting tantalising titles of books and cassettes in order to increase my Islamic knowledge; there being no online courses or Islamic study circles in England at that time, these were a powerful source of knowledge.

I was struck by this soulful voice combined with a heartrending melody. I stopped still, my heart stopped still and I held my breath to listen.

Those words still echo in my heart.



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