Prejudices Against Islam. A new Perspective!

Do you know people who may have inherent prejudices against Islam? This article outlines universal Muslim beliefs that may challenge your perceptions.

Sidra Ansari
8 min readJun 24, 2020


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What are your prejudices about religion? What comes to mind when I say ‘Islam’?

Do you think of a peaceful religion where everyone gets on with life quietly, trying not to harm one another?

Do you see a big smile, good character, altruism and generosity?

I think not.

You may be surprised when you find out what Islam really stands for.

Islam has a population of 1.8 billion people. Muslims form 24.1 % of the whole world’s population.

And we are largely people who will be happy to meet you. We would probably befriend you if you met us on the street.

Muslims are not only a bunch of people who dress a certain way: we are such a diverse and dynamic group. Nearly a quarter of the world’s population! A large part of society- so fully immersed and integrated that you’re not even aware that we’re there.

Muslims believe:

• Everything in life has a purpose.

• You are being looked after.

• Justice will be done in the end.

• The hereafter is better than this life,

Belief in this puts things into perspective for us. It helps us with the realisation that this world is not perfect, nor is it meant to be. It helps us tolerate the lower aspects of this world. The hardships, trials, suffering, injustice and malice that life in this world possesses.

It has helped us immensely during Lockdown to focus on the wider perspective. Instead of feeling down, Muslims have used this time to make a better connection with our Creator. In fact, you may be aware that Muslims celebrated Ramadan last month.

The idea of Ramadan is to look inward and ‘starve our stomachs to feed our souls’. By shunning the material world, Lockdown provided a much-needed chance to reflect. Many will say, Ramadan 2020 during Lockdown was our best Ramadan ever!



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