Lockdown has brought an unprecedented change in family dynamics, including homeschooling. Here are 5 reasons I choose to homeschool.

Homeschooling through Lockdown has been an undeniable challenge. I left my day job, cut down on my self-care routine, lowered my expectations, and had super hard days. I’ve cried, gone to bed early, and I’ve compromised on dinner standards, bath standards, and screen time standards.

But, I’m still happily planning…

I totally agree with you! I love homeschooling- I've homeschooled my children on and off throughout their lives due to multiple house moves and recently living through the pandemic has forced me to revisit it.

I'm going to try to continue as long as I can. Did you know that you can homeschool with only a couple of hours of one-to-one daily tuition because they're getting 1:1 attention? I'm a trained teacher myself and have experience in alternative schooling (Steiner). This has given me the confidence to get the children to experience more rather than making them sit down and complete more 'work'.

When you feel so strongly about something, it's so difficult to accept that maybe it isn't meant to be. I hope you make the right decision for you and your family!

If you find yourself getting ready to scroll away, I get it. But I truly believe, if you don’t do this, a strong gust of wind could blow you off course!

What are you doing to look after your mind, body and soul?

How are you nurturing yourself to encourage self love?

You might well be asking the question, why does it matter?

If you find yourself sighing and rolling your eyes and getting ready to scroll away, I want you…

How do you get things done during the pandemic? Here are three things that can help.

We read about it, discuss it and experience it every single ground-hogging, jaw-clenching, paper-wasting day. The effect of the pandemic is in the back of our minds when we create. It is the forefront when we don’t. The love we feel in letting go and giving in to our creative…

Want to write, but not sure how to start? Read on!

Morning Pages can pave the way to creative success in so many ways.

‘Morning Pages’ is a term coined by the super inspirational author, Julia Cameron. It is ‘stream of consciousness’ writing, or as I explain to the children during our creative writing lessons- ‘stream of thoughts’ writing.

This means that you write exactly what you think, with no exceptions!

You don’t go…

Many people used to think that home education was impossible. Reflecting on our experiences Lockdown 2020, is it time to change your mind?

Now that we’ve all had a taste of home education during Lockdown 2020, maybe even you will agree that you don’t need to be a professional teacher to teach!

Unusual Circumstances

The conditions during Covid 19 were highly unusual. If you are among the group of parents now considering giving…


Begin the journey of retraining your soul to widen your perspective and to find your way back to your true purpose.

You are a resilient soul. Use beautiful powerful tools given to you by the universe like a journal to focus on the here and now. A daily practice of written affirmations will serve as an empowering reminder of who you are and where you want to be today.

Of course…

Stories around a campfire are the best of what summer is made of and we all feel the comfort when delving into a story. Maybe it’s time to tell yours.

Do you sometimes feel burdened by your life experiences? Reflecting on life can sometimes get you down and it’s difficult to carry all that pressure on your shoulders all the time.

Have you ever wondered about the idea of freeing yourself by telling your story?

Many many people understand the…

Sidra Ansari

Word after word after word makes a sentence. Sentences help me to understand life (that’s the hope anyway!). I love to hear from you! Visit the7ofus.blog

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